We build customized machines and systems for the following industry sectors: automotive; cosmetics; confectionery; pharmaceutical. We are distributors and integrators of two brands of robots, scara, cobot and AGV, Revamping of all types of industrial machines according to CE or UL standards by applying, where required, the transformation process that allows you to exploit the advantages of industry 4.0 with assistance , coaching and training needed. DESIGN&PLANNING Dedicating a lot of energy in the technical design phase allows us to reach a sophisticated level of design. The experience and above all the passion help us to think and study, with Cad and Cam 3D, all the process phases of the machines, simultaneously developing PLC programs, Robot programs, Scara and Cobot. ASSISTANCE & MAINTENANCE If requested, we offer scheduled maintenance services and assistance in the various sectors in which we operate with patient and trained technicians, always offering our customers a consultancy service before any activity, listening to their needs and above all trying not to disappoint their expectations.